About me:

I am a native Texan who has been happily married for 15 years and together for 20. Together we have 2 redheaded kiddos age 8 & 12. I was an elementary special education teacher for 10 years and jumped into network marketing because I love all things health and was hoping to make an extra income in addition to my teaching salary. I quickly realized how lucrative this industry could be and after much success, came home from teaching to be home with my kids and do this full time. I have since made multi 6 figures in this industry and it has been a true blessing. I recenlty completed 75 Hard and through that journey realized I was out of alignment in my company and decided to pivot to Bravenly in October 2022 as I felt like I could truly live out my purpose with Bravenly. I also love helping peiople develop a healthy relationship with their health through macros, fitness and getting to the root cause of health issues going on.

My Purpose:

I feel after 40 years, the Lord has blessed me with the gift of wisdom and I thrive off of using my experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly to help people break up with toxic habits to create a successful life.

In business it is my mission to help driven momprenuers who are burned out of the toxic hustle culture taught to them for years. I help redfine their purpose and terms of success so they can have a successful business without sacrificing what is most important to them.

In health, my mission is to help exhasuted women stuck in old cylcles of trying to get healthy. I help women relearn how to have a healthy relationship with food, while eating what they want. I also give tips on how to reshape their body by throwing out hours of cardio with lifting weights. Most importantly, I educate on why toxic weight loss or health pills are working against you and we work on addressing the root cause of health concerns.